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Top booster car seats ratings

Best booster car seats reviews


Top rated booster car seats in 2014


When it comes to child security, parents are very attentive to what they use to ensure a secure environment during every drive. There are many products currently available on the market that can become a source of security, during long or short drive. Today, more and more people use booster car seats in order to keep their children safe and secure, during long or short drives. How can you find the right model? It’s pretty simple: read a few of the best booster car seats reviews in 2014 and determine which device should find its way in your vehicle, protecting the little ones.


What is the best Booster Car Seat – Buying Guide


Any responsible parent understands the importance of keeping the child safe and secure during every moment of the day. When it comes to drives around town or cross country, parents know that they have to create a safe environment for the child, capable of delivering protection during unwanted crash events. This is where a booster car seat comes to deliver the technical assistance. How to find the best booster car seat? In order to find the correct answer to this important question, you already made the first step by reading this professional buying guide. With relevant information on the top boosters, you will know exactly what to look for in a possible future car seat. During the early years of the child, he or she needs the ideal assistance and protection, in order to grow without fear or worries.

Safety is very important for children, and with the right toddler car seat you will be able to accomplish such a feat. Commonly known as belt-positioning booster seats, this type of device manages to protect children during unwanted crash situations. Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has to give a functionality certificate to all booster car seats, in regards to safety and efficiency. Booster seats were created in order to serve as a bridge between certain age developments of children. At a certain age, children need to be placed in a more comfortable device. It is usually used by children from the age of 8 to 12.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Max weight Seating capacity Additional features Rating Where to buy

Britax Pinnacle 90

120 lbs 260 90 Cup holder A+ AMAZON

Britax Frontier 90

120 lbs 235 90 Cup holder A AMAZON

Britax Parkway SG

120 lbs 130 80 Head Support, Cup Holder,Snack Tray A+ AMAZON

Graco Highback TurboBooster

100 lbs 50 20 Cup holder A AMAZON

Cosco High Back booster

80 lbs 48 49 Cup holder B+ AMAZON


Parents are still confused on the ideal time to move their children from car seats to booster car seats. Besides age, you should take into account certain corporeal regulations, which deliver heightened safety and comfort to your child. As your son or daughter grows, a higher booster needs to be installed in your car because it delivers more protection. Another aspect to take into consideration is that the child’s shoulder can stand above the highest slots for the product’s shoulder harness system.

How to find the best booster car seat? Now, going through some of the present booster car seat represents a big leap forward in discovering which model to take for your child. The current booster car seat types are: high-back booster car seat, backless booster seats, combination booster seat.

High-back booster seat

These types of booster seats are designed to look like very comfortable yet highly secure chairs. High-back boosters use the seatbelt in order to safely secure the child and seat. Such devices are helpful in cars that don’t present backseat headrests.

Backless booster seat

Backless booster sears come with a solid base and armrests, lack a back rest. This type of seat is ideal for vehicle that presents rear seat headrests. Such models can be used for a long period of time.

Combination booster seat

This type of seat was designed for parents that want in more than one car to use the device. It represents a combination of backless booster car seats with high-back. For example on the market you will find Graco Highback Turbo Booster.

Use the information form this professional buying guide and find the ideal booster car seat for your vehicle. With the right product you will be able to create a safe and secure environment for the little one, letting you drive without worrying about the little one.


Britax Pinnacle 90 booster car seat


Why should you choose a professional and advanced booster car seat?There are many families that want to create a safe environment for their children during various trips, long or short. You can use one of the latest top rated booster car seats in 2014: Britax USA Pinnacle 90. This device features Side Impact cushion technology that comes with powerful energy absorbing cushions, located on the exterior of the child seat. The system reduces side impact crash energy by redirecting forces during unwanted accidents. Furthermore the booster incorporates True Side Impact protection system that delivers deep side walls due to the solid energy absorbing EPP foam.

“This car seat is incredible. I can secure it by myself; I can easily and quickly adjust it to fit a two and a half year old, four and a half year old and an almost seven year old. The kids are comfortable, even after hours of driving; the side wings keep their heads from flopping.” – Teresa Reed

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Britax Frontier 90 booster car seat


Best booster car seats reviewsOnce you gather relevant information from the best booster car seats reviews in 2014 you will have the possibility to learn more things about Britax Frontier 90, a model known for its quality design and functionality. The model has a solid clicktight installation system that permits you to get the job done fast and easy. This advanced booster car seat incorporates True Side Impact protection that delivers deep side walls and head restraint in order to keep the little one safe. Furthermore it is strengthened by energy absorbing EPP foam that precisely distributes crash forces during unwanted accidents by containing neck, body and head.

“This car seat is really a good choice for your kid. This car seat is so easy to install and use. I feel so comfortable knowing my child’s car seat is so tightly installed. You can’t move it at all after it’s installed, and that’s before the tether strap is attached. My child is comfortable in the seat” – Barbara Lewis

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Britax Parkway SG Belt-positioning booster seat


Parents want to invest in high quality booster seats, designed to protect their children, every moment of the drive. According to the present most appreciated booster car seats reviews it seems that you’ll make a great investment in Britax Parkway SG Belt-positioning model, which manages to protect children during unwanted crash events. This seat comes with True Side Impact Protection system that delivers deep side walls and also a powerful head restraint with energy-absorbing EPS foam. It was a base with SafeCell technology which manages to keep their children secure and safe. In addition, the seat incorporates a SecureGuard that connects it better to the car.

As a dad, it came as a necessity to invest in the car’s security when my son is present. This is why I recommend this high quality booster car seat to any parent. It is easy to install and doesn’t compromise the child’s movement. It was important for me to keep my son protected but also comfortable during each phase of the ride.” – Mark Green

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Graco Highback Turbo booster car seat


Do you want to use during trips a professional booster car seat? Well, if you do then you should learn more things about Graco Highback Turbo booster car seat. This model ensures the right comfort and security whenever you travel from one place to another. You have the possibility to convert it from a highback booster to a solid backless belt-positioning booster. It was top rated by some of the current top leading child safety publications. It offers EPS energy-absorbing foam and also a height adjustable headrest for precise security during unwanted accidents. This model meets and to some degree exceeds all the US safety standards!

“This car seat is a very good choice for the safety of your kids. It is very easy to put the two pieces together. It is softly cushioned, extremely comfortable and not as wide as other booster seats, which I love. I really recommend this car seat to all mothers out there” – Roberta Rhoades

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Cosco High Back booster car seat


In the present, American parents are doing their best to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for their children during rides. Still, what product should you choose from the many available on the market? This is a tough question that can be answered with Cosco High Back booster car seat! It comes with forward facing and a powerful harness system that delivers protection to 22 to 40 pounds. The belt-positioning booster extends the security line to 40 to 80unds. The lightweight design ensures you will be able to take the device from one place to another with no problems whatsoever. It is completed by a powerful 5 point harness system which keeps the child safe and secure!

“This car seat is absolutely great it makes me feel that my kid is much safe with this seat. I am very pleased to see that my kid sleeping comfortable in our road trips. The cup holder is removable, so you can install it where you desire. I highly recommend it” – Sara Todd

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Evenflo Amp High Back booster car seat


Top rated booster car seats in 2014Now, you have the possibility to use one of the current top rated booster car seatsfrom Evenflo: Amp High Back. It received high marks from the best Evenflo booster car seats reviews. This model was side impact tested and demonstrated its capacity to protect the user during such disturbing events. It meets and exceeds the current federal safety standards for child protection. The booster car seat was designed in order to provide the right structural integrity of energy levels, needed to help children enjoy a comfortable ride. It includes Comfort Touch padding, located around head and body, for added security and corporeal liberty.

“This car seat is very good for the price. This is lightweight and easy to move from one vehicle to another. My grandson seems very comfortable in it and even supported his head when he fell asleep. So many car seats seem to let a child’s head bob around, but this is more secured than any other” – Nancy Schulze

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